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Recreational Soccer U4-U19

Program Summary:
The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for players to have fun, play with a sense of team and community, learn the sport and develop life skills including a love of the game. 

Our program runs two separate seasons - Fall'24 and Spring'25.  Teams and coaches have a high probability of changing from season to season. 

The LHYSA recreational program consists of two divisions - Division III & Division IV.  Each Division utilizes player guardians as volunteer coaches who are trained by our licensed Directors and will have assistance throughout their season as needed. 

DIII is our travel league for players in birth years 2014
 (U11) - 2006 (U19). 

DIV is our intraleague division for players in birth years 2021 (U4) - 2015 (U10). 

Teams are dependent upon the number of players registered each season. 

Recreational soccer runs from September'24 through mid-November'24 (our Fall season) and mid-Febryary'25 through mid-May'25 (our Spring season).  DIII games will be played on Saturday's or Sunday's (in some cases, both) and DIV games will be played on Saturday mornings only.

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