Volunteer Registration/Training Required

Our club requires all volunteers to register and complete all training each fall, these certifications are good for both the fall 2020 and spring 2021 season. Please get started on these when you can - goal date to be 100% complete so your Kid Safe Pass can be printed = 7/31/2020.

Step 1

Links are below - if you are a coach click the coach link, anyone else please register as a manager.





Step 2

Email me a drivers license style photo of yourself in good light without a hat or sunglasses by Friday, 7/31/2020.


Step 3

Complete the required certifications. These are a federal requirement and EVERY volunteer in our club is required to complete these yearly.

To do this, log into your Coach/Manager account in GotSoccer on your computer.

www.gotsoccer.org click on Login in the upper right of the screen.

Then click on Teams & Team Officials.

Then click on Individual Coach or Individual Manager

Enter your login information.  This is the login and password you created when you registered as a Coach or Manager.  

When you login, buttons for the two classes will appear on the first screen.  Click on the class you wish to take.

For Safesport:

  • Click SafeSport
  • Copy the access code below the Start Course button.  
  • Click Start Course, select U.S. Soccer and then paste the code in the spot provided.  
  • Create a SafeSport account so that you can start and stop the course at your convenience.  (Please use the exact same email and name you used when creating your manager account in GotSoccer.  It is cap sensitive.) It takes about 2 hours to complete - you can start and stop as you go.

For CDC Heads Up Concussion

  • Click CDC Heads Up concussion
  • Begin the class - You must complete it in one sitting.  It takes about 30 minutes to complete

If you have any questions contact: registrar@libertyhillsoccer.org